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 A basic pentatonic lyre for introduction of music to the child. For use at home, in the kindergarten by musical games and storytelling and much more. 

The company Auris produces their products in Järna, Sweden based on anthroposophical knowledge of musical education.

The Children's Lyre is a seven stringed instrument with a maple wooden open resonating body.

It is pentatonically tuned and was developed for kindergarten and pre-school. This children's lyre allows particularly young children to practice free, basic music which is not bound to a base tone. The pentatonic scale allows the fingers to move freely over the strings always producing a harmonic tune.

Due to its short string length the Auris Children's Pentatonic Lyre can be tuned extremely high. This has been successfully used to play for unborn or prematurely born children. This lyre can be tuned as high as g' - a' - c'' - d'' -e'' - g'' - a''. This high tuning corresponds better with the hearing frequencies of very little inner ears of the fetus or prematurely borne child. Music for these categories has been scientifically proven to stimulate and vivify both the intellectual and emotional development later on.

Made in Sweden of Maple Wood.

A = 432 Hz

Range= d' - e' - g' - a' - h' - d'' - e'' 

Approx. Width: 8.6 inch (22 cm) x Height: 11.8 inch (30 cm)

Comes with a tuning wrench and manual.

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 The Pentatonic Scale

The Auris Children's Pentatonic Lyre is a seven stringed instrument tuned in a pentatonic scale. This scale spans over five whole tone steps and is built up by an open fifth tuning. The special thing about the pentatonic scale is that whatever you do with it, it will always sound good. You can let the fingers stroll up and down the strings in any combination of tones and it gives you little sweet melodies all the time.

A light, almost heavenly scale that allows you to create music freely without the frustrations struggle with wrong notes or inharmonious sound. 

The experience of the five tone scale is fundamental in all music. You can find it in new and ancient folk music, classical pieces as well as in popular music. Children all over the world, spontaneously sings it in various ways. For this reason it is the adult's obvious companion in the work with children. From infancy up to the third grade, this scale meets the child's inner need.