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Great loops! Easy to work with. Will buy again and again.


Thanks for a great product.

Decisions, decisions!

Got my loom for Xmas and quickly went through the loops included. In fact, my last potholder was all leftover loops and quite colorful. I ordered bulk bags of both bright and traditional loops. Thus far, I am just looking at them...plotting colors and designs. Side note: delivery came earlier than expected!

Enjoy the products

Awesome easy to use loom and the loops are great!

Traditional loops

Wonderful product. I love the colors. Gave the pot holder as gifts and everyone loved them.

I liked the loops and I ordered some more

Potholder Loom

I ordered the Pro Potholder Loom and LOVE it. I really love the larger size, the loops colors are awesome. Shipping was very quick even though I had pre-ordered. I am very happy with my purchase.

first order placed

l enjoyed working with these loops so much that I placed another order, In the second order I tried some new colors. I'm looking forward to receiving my second purchase.

Pto loom

Love this big loom. Grandkids are having fun!! Thanks!

Childhood fun once again!

I used to make woven pot holders when I was a young child, and have wonderful memories of doing so. What joy I have found in weaving once again. Can't wait to teach my granddaughter! Thank you.

I'm obsessed!

I have made at least 75 PRO sized potholders so far.My record is 6 in one day.(I do have another life!)I love that the loops are cotton & made in the USA.

Great product!

So much better than the plastic loom we tried previously! Thank you!

Great product!

These loops come in amazing colors and very easy to work with! Thanks !

Wonderful Loom

I am loving the Pro Loom! It's sturdy, and the curved tops on the pegs keep the loops secure throughout the weaving process. I find it a little difficult to weave the last couple of loops, but I'm sure that will get easier with practice. I've already made two pot holders, with the loops that came with the loom. The larger size pot holders are great for around the kitchen. I cook a lot, and they're perfect for taking things out of the oven, wrapping around handles, and as trivets to protect the countertop. Can't wait to experiment with different patterns!

Love this Loom!

Within a few days I made 6 potholders. I loved creating designs and using a few from the pamphlet for my potholders. I recommended this potholder for old ages including seniors like me.

Great starter kit

Great little starter kit!

Great quality & bright colors

These are high quality loops and such vibrant colors! Very happy with my purchase! I definitely recommend!!

I love shopping at Acorn. The website is so very easy to use and there are so many sizes to choose from for pot holder loops. I always get my orders in perfect condition and quickly.

Excitement Overload

I was very impressed by my first potholder. I made them years ago but it seems the quality and colors available now are more impressive. The patterns are endless. I've already ordered a traditional loom and loops so I can make the mug rugs too.

Love the loops!

The loops are high quality material, all the same size, good stretch, beautiful colors, and I can't stop making potholders! Thank you for such a good product.

Sturdy Loom

The loom is sturdy and the prongs tall enough that the loops stay put. It’s a fun new hobby for me. The loops are great quality with a finished look that is professional.

Color & Quality!

My first experience with Acorns & Twigs has been a great one, and it certainly wasn’t my last! I am awaiting several more orders so I can get back to creating items that are not only beautiful, but made of quality materials. I would highly recommend Acorns & Twigs if you are looking to make products that are worthy of display in anyone's home!

Great colors!

Have been ordering my potholder pro loops for 2 years from here - always great!

Pro size!

I love this size of potholder! The colors are absolutely beautifu that I got with my loom. I made both and then ordered more loops immediately!


Perfect shade for needed purpose.