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We are extremely proud to share these beautiful skin colored crayons.

Crayons that inspire diversity. 

Honoring the skin tones of our diverse world.

These are the only beeswax-based crayons that we could find that contain no paraffin (made from petroleum and is toxic for our planet), but also honor the true skin tones of our children. 

Let's inspire our children to create a world that is more inclusive. 

The joy in child's eyes when they find their shade and can finally draw their true skin color.

The smile a child has when they can finally draw a friend, a teacher, or maybe a parent that may not look like them.

These triangular stick shaped crayons are made from Beeswax, Carnauba wax and natural earth pigments. Thats it.

They come in a handy tin box for mindful storage. 

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Heather D.
Warms My Heart

We've never had crayons that work very well for either of our kids' skin colors and it's also something that has frustrated them. My son would always say the color was too orange for his skin and for my daughter it would always be either too light or too dark for her skin color. Even as I'm writing this my son brought me a picture he drew. He held his hand up to a drawing of the boy he drew declaring with excitement, "look it matches!!". My daughter followed, "Look mom. I tested out all of these colors and see... this is the one that's just like me." Seriously warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.