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 The specially constructed, solid wood lyre with the characteristic notch in the bottom gives an especially balanced tone. Two bridges made out of hard wood and brass ensure a harmonic progression between the high and low strings.


We offer the Lyre in two variations:

- Diatonic (LDD) a -h - c' - d' - e' - f' - g' - a' - h' - c'' - d'' - e'' and bordure lyre

- Pentatonic (LDP) d - e - g - a - h - d' - e' - g' - a' - h' - d'' - e''

In order to simplify orientation this lyre has red and blue strings to make it easier to find the right string. Both the 7-stringed and the 12-stringed lyre can be tuned in open chords and be used as a drone instrument.

The diatonically tuned lyre is mainly thought for use in schools. It takes the music to the next step from the pentatonic stage on. With this instrument you can play written art-music as well as all kinds of folk lore. You can use it at home by musical games and storytelling and much more. The lyre can also be tuned into a large number of scales and except the pentatonic. 


Due to the many strings, the Diatonic lyre can be tuned into various chords or bordune scales. In this case you strum all the strings together to hear the entire chord ringing; is used to accompany a melody that is sung or played on another instrument. If you have more than one lyre in a group, they can be tuned into different chords so that you can accompany a song with as many chords as you have differently tuned lyres. 


If you buy the pentatonically tuned version of this Lyre, you will get an advanced pentatonic lyre, a fine tool for the teacher to play for and lead the children’s groups in the musical exploration. Excellent in pre-school situations.

Includes a tuning wrench and an instruction sheet, with more tips and tricks regarding how to use your instrument. 

Made in Sweden.

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