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A small mix of Natural Virgin Wool Batting. This includes 9 different sorts.

You will get approx. 2 oz (57 g) of each. This set does not include packaging.

We also offer this same set with smaller amounts here.

The raw wool is carded into fleece batts. The fibers are loosened up and mostly parallel. Batting has shorter fiber than top.
Total of approx. 18 oz in the following wool types:

- 1A New Zealand - White (middle fine, 27 mic,  great for felting)

- Shetland - white (medium fine, 27 mic, silky, great for felting)

- Gotland Iceland - grey (rough, 31 mic, mottled grey, great for felting)

- Gotland Lamb - light grey (medium fine, 27 mic, great for felting)

- Portuguese Merino - chestnut brown (fine, 22 mic, great for felting)

- Country Sheep - Medium Brown (medium Fine, 25 mic, medium brown mottled, this wool is especially suitable for felting)

- Russian - Camelhair (rough, 34 mic, great for felting)

- Mongolian - Brown Black (rough, 34 mic, great for felting)

- Stone Sheep - Grey (rough, 31 mic, great for felting)