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A large mild color set of our New Zealand Merino Wool Batting. This includes 9 colors plus our Organic South German Merino Wool Stuffing.

You will get 57 g (2 oz) of each of the colorful Batts and 171 g (6 oz) of the Stuffing. This Set does not include packaging.

We also offer this same set with smaller amounts here.

The 100% virgin New Zealand wool, carded batting is exquisite, fine wool quality, 27 mic.

The raw wool is carded into fleece batts. The fibers are loosened up and mostly parallel. Batting has shorter fiber than top.

Our New Zealand Wool felts very well and the fiber direction remains visible on the finished product when wet felted.

Colors included in this set are:

- Red
- Lemon Yellow
- Light Green
- Water Blue
- Violet
- Light Pink
- Skin Color
- Light Brown
- Grey

The South German Merino Wool is from controlled biological animal husbandry (=Organic). The wool is a white yellowish color since it is kept natural and not bleached, and may have slight vegetation still in it, if needed these are easily picked out with your fingers.

Stuffing wool is a short-fibered wool that traps air into the fibers wonderfully. Therefore, this wool is very suitable for
- filling,
- stuffing and
- tamping blankets,
- dolls,
- bears etc.

Stuffing Wool is a great option for needle felting. I like to use this wool as a base for most of my figurines, saving my more precious colored wool only for the outer layers.