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STOCKMAR Modeling Beeswax - Set - 6 sheets/colors assorted total.

Cardboard box, 6 sheets each 3.94 x 1.57 x 0.24 inches (100x40x6 mm), 6 assorted colors

color: 00 ivory | 01 carmine red | 04 golden yellow | 07 green | 09 blue | 13 rust

We also offer all 15 colors individually here in our shop:

Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed.

Experiencing art through all the senses - this is what children achieve with Stockmar Modelling Beeswax. With its pleasant beeswax scent and perfectly clean handling, it is an ideal material for modelling. Scent, colour and consistency work together when moulding. The warmth of the hands melts the wax and makes it malleable and when the wax hardens, the luminosity and fine brilliance remain. The little works of art maintain their beauty and charm and can be reshaped again and again. The high pedagogical and artistic quality makes Stockmar Modelling Beeswax unique and unmatched. Stockmar Modelling Beeswax comes in 15 luminous colours based on Goethe's "Theory of Colours".

Modelling waxes are hard and have to be kneaded strongly with warm hands to be made malleable. This process can be made easier for smaller children by pre- warming the modelling wax in warm water. It may be helpful to tell or read children a story while they are holding and kneading the wax in their hands to make it malleable.

Transforming the hard modelling wax into a soft, malleable form is a valuable sensory experience for children that trains their imaginative abilities and wakens their creativity and feeling for form. By kneading rhythmically, children also train their fine motoric skills. This not only promotes skillfulness and dexterity – like all rhythmical movements do – but also positively influences their speech and thought development, imaginative qualities and feeling for form.

Stockmar Modelling Wax is available in two different qualities. Modelling Beeswax (to which real beeswax has been added) is pre- ferred by many because of its ple- asant scent and therapeutic quali- ties. Stockmar Modelling Wax, which is less expensive, is similar in consistency and just as excellently suited for modelling. When compared with the same weight of other wax brands, both types of Stockmar modelling wax have approximately one third more volume, which therefore proportionally reduces the amount of material needed. This is a fact that should be taken into consideration when comparing prices. Stockmar Modelling Waxes also contain no fillers or softeners.

Stockmar Modelling Waxes
• ...are suitable for children,
• ...hygienic,
• ...environmentally friendly,
• ...they don’t smear,
• ...don’t crumble,
• ...have colours that don’t run.

Stockmar Modelling Waxes can be kneaded very thinly to create finest forms. As a result of their transparency, the colours appear particularly pure and brilliant.

Made in Germany.