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Mammut-Agadez, the Strategy Game of the Desert

In the town of Agadez in the Sahara, there is a 500 year old tower made of clay. This famous tower is about 30 meters high and gains its stability from palm stems which are inserted into the tower. These palm stems are not only used by the bricklayers as a scaffolding but also by the Tuareg and Haussa tribes who compete in climbing the tower.

The rules of the game when building the tower ‘’3 pins through 2 beams’’ is easy to understand. It is a strategic game which trains three dimensional perception and rewards well planned moves. Who will be the first to climb the tower of the oasis?

For two players. The Extension Set (70900591) allows from 4-6 players
Age: 4 to 101 years

Play time: from 20 minutes on (depending how the game is played)

Contains: 16 Beams with holes (clay) and 16 pins (palm stems) red and yellow. 4 wheels for construction games.