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Stockmar Colored Pencils come with 25 exceptionally luminous colors.

The lead is very soft like the Lyra yet durable. Everything we carry is high quality, but the Stockmar pencils do standout.

The colors have a pleasantly natural effect and harmonize with one another.

A special color coordination system which is based on the extended color circle of Goethe. For a greater effect, the colors can all be mixed together.

These unique Stockmar qualities of color harmony offer you the possibility to create your own assortment. Any colors you choose will stay in a harmonious match. 

Triangular shaped - which means they won't roll off the desks and allow for a decent grip, compared to traditional round colored pencils. Try pencils are ideally used with younger children as they are still working on their letter formation and proper pencil grip. 

Children with dyspraxia or other fine motor challenges greatly benefit by learning with the try pencils. Occupational therapy sites sometimes sell triangular pieces that you slide onto a regular pencil for the same effect. 

These pencils are used in the younger grades but of course are equally enjoyed my many adults - myself included.

Fits in our Original Stockmar Tin Cases for Colored Pencils.

Color Palettes are for demonstrative use only. The colors may differ from the product's color and with different systems. 

Made in Taiwan.