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These cotton gauze cloths are a bit more delicate than our other play cloths and are recommended for your seasonal decorations on your nature table.

I do like to give these to older children, who can play carefully with them for making snow, forests, earths, water. 

48" x 36" (90 x 125 cm)

Individually hand dyed. The shades are playfully put together, in different mixtures of hues and gradations. 

Available in the following color combinations here:

- Ice                 (White - Turquoise) 

- Snow             (White - Light Blue)

- Sky                 (Light - Middle Blue)

- Night               (Middle - Dark Blue)

- Rock Cliff        (Blue - Grey)

- Ocean             (Blue - Green)

- Forest              (Middle - Dark Green)

- Summer Field  (Light - Middle Green)

- Spring Field     (Pastel Yellow - Light Green)

- Sun                  (Light Yellow - Yellow)

- Sun Flower      (Yellow - Dark Yellow)

- Evening Sun    (Yellow - Orange)

- Fire                  (Orange - Red)

- Rose Garden   (Red - Carmine)

- Magic              (Red - Purple)

- November       (Blue - Violet)

- Fairy                (Pastel Pink - Purple)

- Earth Light      (Ocker - Light Brown)

- Earth Dark      (Middle - Dark Brown)

- Cave Light      (Light Brown - Green)

- Cave Dark      (Brown - Dark Green)

- Early Spring   (Salmon - White)

- Summer         (Green, Yellow, Orange)

- Fall                 (Orange, Red, Purple)

- Spring            (Pastel Green, White, Karmonisin)

- Winter/Christmas           (Petrol Blue)

- Rainbow Pastel 

- Rainbow Strong Colors


Please hand wash separately only, and hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Very thin and small!

Beware, these are so thin! They only work for small nature table spaces where the fabric can be doubled or tripled over!

Thank you for your opinion! - Jennifer -

So magnificient in color and texture

Acorns and Twigs is an incredible mom and pop company that have many beautiful wonders to offer customers. I can't wait to order more!

So glad to hear you like them Tara! What a great way to celebrate and enjoy the seasons!