Understand Needle Felting - eBook-Needle Felting-Acorns & Twigs

Stop wondering about the whys and hows of needle felting and start feeling confident about your new hobby


So you’ve stumbled across this vertisile fiber art that has been spreading across the internet like wild fire. 

Have you figured out the difference between wool roving and top yet? Do you know which sized needle you need? Ever wondered how other fiber artists get their figurines to stand on such skinny legs?

Grasping needle felting, with it’s tools and the hundreds of types of wool doesn’t have to be confusing, overwhelming or time consuming. The Understand Needle Felting E-Book simplifies the process with high quality images, comprehensive information and plenty of motivation to get you on your way. 

Please don’t waist another minute scouring the forums for tips and anecdotes that may or may not be grounded in reality. 

Grab everything you need to understand needle felting, all in one place.

It is easy to follow a tutorial, step by step, and chances are your end result will be pretty similar to your mentor’s. But with out the knowledge of why, when and how, you most likely will not be able to venture on your own, to make your next project. 

You can teach your child to make a couple recipes before they move out mama’s nest, but what happens when they go grocery shopping for the first time? They grab their phone, and call back home asking what the difference between butter and margarine is. Why this yogurt says no sugar but still tastes sweet. How do you keep the veggie fresh longest?

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. 

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.

My first needle felting experience was at a parent-night at our daughter’s forest group. 

It started with brown wool, two needles (because my first one broke pretty quickly) and a piece of foam. What I took home, somewhat resembled a spring bunny - hardly felted at all, quite squishy and lop-shaped. My daughter was delighted and I was hooked.

With in a month I had purchased a couple of pounds of wool, a large supply of needles (I was learning quickly) and two different underlays. As in all things I do, I had researched hours on the internet, bought a couple of books and even invited a friend to tutor me.

Today my passion has turned into my carrier and I enjoy the opportunity I have been given to own an online store, write on a blog and educate other fellow crafters and nature lovers!

During my years of experimenting and growing my skill of needle felting I had been constantly discovering new terms, tools and techniques. After testing pretty much every tool I could get my hands on, researching vocabulary, sampling hundreds of different wool types and admiring the multifaceted fiber artists from all around the world I have gathered my knowledge to share with you and my students.

What can the book do for me?

  • Get 120+ pages of information all in one handy reference book
  • Build confidence when shopping for your next project by knowing the correct terminology and the difference between wool types and tools
  • Share your knowledge with students and friends
  • Grow to love and admire wool and all of it's advantages
  • Understand the process wool goes through from sheep to product

Extra Bonuses Included:

Tips & Tricks

Simple, everyday tips to get you started.


 While the vocabulary is hyperlinked within and sprinkled throughout the book's text, I've also included a glossary at the end of the book for quick reference.

Inspiration & Motivation

I've contacted several other fiber artists, both new and experienced, to provide you with inspiration and motivation. You'll find pictures of some of their first projects and masterpieces. I've also included their contact information so you can reach out and collaborate with them.