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AMADINDA – the African word is an onomatopoetic which means that it imitates the sound of what it describes : "AMA" means "wood" and "DINDA" is an imitation of how the instrument sounds, it is an African word. Africa is the origin of the Amadinda and it is played by an extreme small grown Pygmy people and is in its African form quite a bit larger than the Swedish Auris relative

The Auris Amadinda with its extra long tone bars (56-80 cm) in maple wood, designed to create a special sound rich in overtones with a warm deep bottom. This sound is almost metallic and invites to a playful melodic and rhythmic music.

We deliver the Amadinda with seven keys (d-e-g-a-h-d’-e’) if yo add optional keys c and f you can compose differens scales with nine bars of which seven can be played at a time. Which gives you the opportunity to create more than 20 variations of the scale. Semitones for even more scales can be ordered separately. With each Amadinda goes a pair of rubber mallets. 

The instruments can be used in the most different situations, from musical fun playing with children up to professional orchestral use. The different types are fully compatible and are with their sound characters complimentary to each other. You can for instance play an underlying rhythmical bass figure on the big Amadinda and on top of that an improvised melody on the little pentatonic Xylophone XRP-007 or with the Marimba XPL-008.

The shape of the Amadinda and Marimba boxes has a strong connection to old Swedish furniture craftsmanship. The collapsible box made out of Swedish pine with its wedges are inspired by old rustic tables, traditionally built and used by the farmers on the Swedish countryside. On the Auris instruments, this system has been optimised. By putting a piece of rubber inside the box edge, the construction becomes much more flexible and can be moved around without the wedges falling out. The box is easy to build up and take apart, which makes it very practical by transportation.

XAM-007, 7 plates of maple wood, frame Swedish pine wood, two rubber mallets

range: d-e-g-a-h-d'-e'


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