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This set of Opaque Watercolors is great for wet-on-wet and/or wet-on-dry watercoloring. 

I wouldn't full soak the paper like how it is done for the STOCKMAR watercolor wet-on-wet painting technique. It's enough to have a clean, wet brush to wet the paper with or a spray bottle, and then play around with mixing the palette. 

These sets last for ages, and they do not give off the smell that some of the other watercolor paints on the market do. 

Fun fact, they're vegan!

Made in Italy

tin case in cardboard box, content: 12 colour pellets, including opaque white, brush and mixing palette, 12 colours assorted

colours included : 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 04 golden yellow ¦ 05 lemon yellow ¦ 08 blue green ¦ 10 ultramarine ¦ 12 red violet ¦ 13 rust ¦ 15 black ¦ 18 prussian blue ¦ 33 orange ¦ 36 sap green

The individual color cups snap in and out of place, so once a particular color runs out, you can just change out that one color - and yes, we sell the refills individually too! We also sell just the white opaque tube of color as well. Even the mixing palettes are sold separately. 

With this box of Opaque Colours, you have chosen a product offering the Artist's quality you have come to expect from Stockmar.

The artistically shaped box and classic metal design, contains 12 colour tabs. Each square can easily be taken out for quick replacements. The Stockmar mixing palette is not attached to the box, so you can put it down wherever is most convenient for your work - and of course it will be easier to clean than a painting box lid that is being used as a palette. In addition, your Stockmar box of Opaque colours contains a tube of Opaque white and a top quality Cat's Tongue Brush that holds its shape, made of Ponex synthetic hair and produced for Stockmar by the tradition-conscious German brush manufacturer Zahn.

Like all of our Stockmar paints and colours, we have relied on Goethe's colour circle, but in an extended version.
The three basic or primary colours form a triangle; between them are the secondary colours, formed by mixing the adjacent primaries - green from yellow and blue, orange from yellow and red, and violet from red and blue. The colours opposite to one another are complementary colours in which forms the widest possible contrast.
If we now mix the primary with the secondary colours, we arrive at an extension of the colour circle. For example, we can mix red and violet to make red-violet, or yellow and orange to make yellow-orange. In order to enhance the range of colours, and to obtain a variety from mixing them, the Stockmar box of Opaque colours includes two tones of each basic colour: Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Carmine Red, Vermilion, Ultramarine, and Prussian Blue.

The Stockmar colours are delicately balanced with one another, and when mixed will yield harmonious shades of colours.

Like all Stockmar's colour materials, these Opaque colours have a unique luminosity. This is due to the fact that the concentration of the colour pigments in our Opaque colours is particularly intense. As a result the colours are richer, and remain powerful even when heavily diluted. Stockmar Opaque colours are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolour painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.

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Wonderful watercolors!

This set of 12 vibrant colors also comes with a tube of opaque white, a nice round-tip brush, and a mixing palette. The colors are rich and blend beautifully. These are the nicest dry watercolors I have used. Pigment dries quickly in the pots and the ability to replace individual colors is fantastic.

Thank you so much Danielle!