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Auris KPQ Penta Pure 5th 432 Hz

Due to its lower - 432 Hz - tuning specially adapted to the function of the ear, recommended by Rudolf Steiner and as tuned according to the mathematic musical rules revealed by Pythagoras, free from the internal interference inherent in regular tuned instruments, it is very suitable for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. 

KPQ, maple wood, 7 brass plates, with 2 mallets (wood, rubber)

 d’’’-e’’’-g’’’-a’’’-b’’’ -d’’’’-e’’’’ 

These tones have no marking on them. 


The tone bars are protected with a thin bees wax layer that allows you, as it wears off with the time and use,  
to polish them as they gets darker. For this you use any regular metal polish. To avoid stains on the wood,
be careful so that the wood does not get polish residue on it. Protect with paper while polishing.


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