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Can't choose which color you want? Want to build your stash quickly?

Now you can purchase all 34 available colors in the PRO (10") size with this complete package.

Each color is hand counted by us, and includes 27 loops (enough to fill half a loom). There is one extra loop used to tie the bundle together with - it is an extra loop - our alternative to plastic/unnecessary packaging. 

Customer Reviews

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I love the variety of colors available. While I was finishing one, I already had an idea for another color combination.

Barbara I.M.
Great Service

Now I have two full sets of all the beautiful Harrisville Pro loops! Thank you very much. No problem here waiting on the delayed monthly box kits - just sorry you are having such problems with getting your loop orders! You are a wonderful company to do business with!

LauraJean S.
Christmas order

I am new to looping. I do love my bundle but probably will buy by bulk and specific colors. several times I tried to made a specific potholder and didn't have enough of a particular color. I am not upset just learning your stock. however it does give me a great look at all your colors. thanks

Tommie R.

Wow the colors are amazing