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If you're in need of a replacement for your custom PotholderPRO metal weaving hook, look no further!

Customer Reviews

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Jayne C.
Much appreciated

Was able to finish several projects.

Ink S.R.
Excellent Tool for the Job!

I wanted a couple extra hooks to work with my older looms (from when I was a kid). These hooks are strong and don't bend like the older variety. Perfect for the job at hand. Thanks for offering these separate from the looms.

Cynthia M.
great family-owned company

I needed a hook to replace thee one I lost awhile back. I ordered it as a reasonable price from Acorn and twigs and received it in a timely manner. This was my test run for this company and they passed with flying colors. I will be ordering more from therm in future. if you are into weaving or making simple potholders with you children or grandchildren, this is higher quality than your local craft store.

Sharon K.
Potholder and loops

I made these potholders as a child. I’m a 73 yr old grandmother now teaching my granddaughters to make them.

Megan W.
Order fulfillment

I had such good service! The owners were on their way on vacation but let me know. Even ON vacation they emailed me to let me know when my order would be sent. The day they got home it was sent and I received it a b GB outlet of days later. It was perfect and the product was amazing.