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Prepackaged, plant dyed wool batting for crafts and felting.

Vegetable Dyed Wool is not recommended for felting. During the dyeing process, the wool has been boiled twice for an hour each, which has started the felting process and therefore will not felt as well as our other, non-plant dyed wool.

That doesn't mean this wool isn't a great supply for your crafts! Fairytale wool is preferred in many Waldorf settings as a handcraft for children. You can make wonderful Fairies with this wool since there is little to no felting needed. Also 2D wool paintings are a lovely craft with this wool.

The raw wool is carded into fleece batts. The fibers are loosened up and mostly parallel. Batting has shorter fiber than top.

You will get 14g (0.5 oz) of each of the nine colorful Batts stored in a handy, eco friendly, 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled, fully recyclable and biodegradable cardboard box.

Total of 4.5 oz wool.