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It is often very hard for children to keep a long handle properly balanced in their small hands. With this in mind, we have included a special, short-handled brush in our range. The brush has soft bristles made of synthetic cow hair and a rust-proof, closed ferrule. This synthetic brush is perfect wet-on-wet and watercolor painting. This brush is not only equal to our natural brushes (polecat, cow and boar brushes) but exceeds their capabilities.

The brushes are soft, flexible, resistant to damage and the absorption and release capacity is amazingly high. These high quality paint brushes are FSC certified and the fact that synthetic hair contributes to the sparing of animal hair have ensured that these brushes earned Mercurius' special quality mark art makes sense (AMS).

Equal to the classic natural cow hair one, this synthetic brush can be used in nearly every Waldorf school worldwide.

Please Note: You are purchasing only one paint brush. The picture shows the three different sizes available. :)