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This is our large, complete set for Needle Felting Beginners. The perfect gift set, for a crafter you know, or yourself!

I've picked out 8 Earthy Tones of Merino Wool Top/Roving (if you'd prefer rainbow happiness, we have a second listing with other colors!)

This set includes:

1x Large, High Density Foam Underlay 11 3/4" x 7 7/8" ( 20 x 30 cm)
1x Wooden Handle Needle Holder (one needle included)
3x Fine Felting Needle (triangle) 40g
3x Middle Felting Needle (triangle) 36g
3x Coarse Felting Needle (triangle) 32g
1x Needle Punch, with safety shield (includes 7 needles)
1x Pair of Finger Gloves as protection
Following Merino Wool Top (8 oz total):
1 oz Black
1 oz Pastel Yellow
1 oz Pastel Green
1 oz Grey
1 oz Moss Green
1 oz Forrest Green
1 oz Dark Brown
1 oz Brown
1x Eco Friendly, handy 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled, fully recyclable and biodegradable cardboard box.

Please Note:
Although most people would call this a roving, it is in fact called Top.
The difference is the process it has gone through and the purpose it serves.

A Top has been carded and then combed to make all the fibers smooth and parallel. Wool Top is perfect for worsted or semi worsted spinning.

A Roving on the other hand has been taken from a carded batt (a blanket of interlocked and naturally crimped fiber) and not combed, and then pulled through a small hole in order to make a long continuous cord. A Roving is best for woolen spinning.
Want it customized? Just click the custom order request button and let us know which tools or colors you'd prefer to add/remove/exchange for other tools/colors in our store sold separately - no problem! We are flexible and are happy to work out a custom order and quote for you!