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Highest Quality Mulberry Silk Cocoons.

These cocoons are from the Bombyx Mori silkworm, but it is called mulberry silk cocoons because the silkworm only eats mulberry leaves.

Uncut, larva is still inside. Can be cut open and removed. It will have a bit of a different smell then an uncut due to the pupa (larva) still inside.

Since they are uncut, they can be reeled.

Our Silk Hankies in our shop are the product of 40 such cocoons after it has been degummed.

Many people make earrings, jewelry and other works of art.
Can be dyed, glazed, cut and stitched.

Grade A Quality Silk cocoons.

Reel you own silk hankies or caps (marathas).

This listing is for 10 such cocoons.

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Silk Cocoons and Skin color Merino Wool

Thank you very much for the prompt shipment. The wool is great quality and I am very happy with the skin color as this is hard to find.

Glad you’re happy Katja!