Mulberry Silk Carrier Rods
Mulberry Silk Carrier Rods Mulberry Silk Carrier Rods Mulberry Silk Carrier Rods

Mulberry Silk Carrier Rods.

From the Bombyx More silkworm, but it is called mulberry silk because the silkworm only eats mulberry leaves.

Carrier Rods are a waste product in the silk spinning industry. Perfect for surface texture during felting and ca be dyed, separated into layers.

If you spray them with water and iron them flat then you can create a sort of silk paper.

Use them in your felting, create unique and interesting jewelry, textural stitching and silk fusion. I'm sure there are even more ideas out there - imagination encouraged!

You will receive 100g, uncleaned. 

More Info:

"The carrier rods are developed during the production of silk yarn. These are the resulting wastes in the production process.

The Silk Cocoons are heated up by water vapor and then opened, to remove the worm."

On the equipment in the reeling industry, to produce silk yarn, there is a "rod" that gets the cocoon thread reeled around it, and during the process, some of the silk fiber gets stuck under the rod, causing this by-product which is then reclaimed into this product I am selling, perfect for felting and spinning.

The next process in the silk yarn making process is the thread gets washed, so the carrier Rods are no longer in that process.

So that being said, the only "cleaning" process that these have gone through is the steaming vapor during the harvest.