Indian Summer PRO 10" Potholder Set (DIY or Handmade)-Weaving-Acorns & Twigs

Decorate you kitchen for Autumn

Make these beautiful hot pads on your own loom with the DIY set or let me and my children make them for you! 

Perhaps you remember going door to door selling your own pot holders to neighbors as a child to save up for that something special. Well, this is the modern day version of that for my kiddos. And with my support and lots of excitement, they will make the pictured potholders for you and you will be supporting their piggy banks. :)

Handmade items are made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to make. If you need them to a certain appointment, please feel free to reach out to us before ordering to clarify our current lead time.

The DIY set will include Willow, Ochre, Spice and Flax solid colors in our PRO size, enough to make the exact potholders you see in the pictures. 

Make sure to add the FREE PDF to your order (available in the drop down) too!

Need help planning your Potholder's Design?? Try our PDF Design Planner!