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A plastic felting needle holder including instructions and 7 needles to get started right away.

The holder has a protective surrounding around the needles that can be placed in the "locked" position when not in use. When set to "unlocked" the outer clear plastic surround the needles is moveable and will allow the needles to puncture your wool felting project.

The needles are interchangeable. So when one breaks, or it eventually gets worn out, you can easily replace it.

This holder can be used for any of our needle sizes.

The pointy end of the needles can be placed inside the holder while not in use, for protection. When you are ready to use your needle holder, simply pull out the wooden "plug", remove the needle from the plug, (this can be tricky as the fit very tightly in the plug sometimes) turn it around so the "hooked" end of the needle is on the smaller end of the plug (the pointy part of the needle is extending the thicker part of the plug) and replace the plug back into the holder - smaller end first. Sounds complicated - but trust me, it isn't at all!

Needles are your most important tool when needle felting wool. They have tiny barbs that allow the wool fiber scales to tangle and catch each other, causing the wool to felt. The longer you work the wool with the needles, the harder and thicker the felted piece will become. You can felt your wool into any shape or size you desire!

Please note that they do break very easily if used incorrectly at too steep of an angle or bend (order extra if children are helping you, you will need them!) Simply punch straight up and down in a pouncing motion to felt your project.

Please note these needles are very sharp, and you will be very upset if by accident your finger is in their path. Please handle with care-they are not suitable for small children.

Check out our leather finger gloves that protect you especially well when felting small items.