Choroi - Resonance Box for 12 Tone Bars-Resonators-Acorns & Twigs
Ships mid January
Ships mid January

Resonance Box for 12 Tone Bars

Choroi Resonance Box for 12 Tone Bars

Made in the EU

Ash wood, 48.5 x 20 x 18 cm (19.1 x 7.87 x 7.1")

An additional resonating box for 12 tone bars (without hand resonators) which are placed directly on top.

This produces a clearly stronger and fuller tone, which is a must for the low register of the low tone bars (high-toned wood c² - g³ and aluminium tone bars).

Klangspiels have proven their worth worldwide for many years. They are a system of tone bars and resonators, unmatched in their versatility. Four different kinds of base materials in various combinations can be applied to each hand resonator or to the larger resonance boxes. The tone bars are colour coded According to the varying lengths of the tone bars, there are four different sizes of hand resonators available.

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