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The interval and pentatonic flutes were specially developed for use by small children, particularly in groups, starting at the kindergarten age. 

They have just one finger hole, allowing two notes in a fourth or fifth interval.

Two or more players can easily play simple rhythmical or melodically patterns e.g. in a way of question-and-anwer games. 


The flutes are available in:

d" - g" (Finger hole closed = d"; finger hole open = g")

d" - a" (Finger hole closed = d"; finger hole open = a")

e" - h" (Finger hole closed = e"; finger hole open = h")

Differently tuned flutes can be combined in a group, to play elementary melodies up to a pentatonic scale. That is why we also offer all three different flutes as a set.


Made of pear wood and has one finger hole, 440 Hz.

Comes with a cleaning swab, flute bag and instructions.

All Choroi flutes are treated exclusively with linseed oil. As regular oiling is vital to the flute, we recommend our flute oil. Do not use any other oils (with the exception of pure jojoba oil) as they might damage the flute.


Please Note:

We do not accept returns on any of our flutes, due to hygiene reasons.

Gift wrapping and upgraded shipping are not available for any of our musical instruments or their accessories. They will be shipped from a different location as the rest of our stocked products and therefore will come separately from the rest of your order, if ordering other items from our store. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.