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The Octa Flute is a newly designed diatonic flute in C without tone block. 

Choose from:

German fingering (7+1) or

Choroi Fingering (8+1)

both are offered in either A = 440 Hz or 432 Hz 

NEW: We now offer these flutes for left handed players, in 440 Hz.

The German fingering, creates a slightly stronger tone than flutes with a tone block and has a very light articulation.

The Choroi Fingering System uses the left hand small finger as well and has a few advantages over German fingering: The higher notes are much better balanced and intoned.

All the Choroi flutes are characterized by a warm, light, flexible tone. Compared with traditional instruments, the Choroi flutes possess a tone that sounds more like a voice than an instrument. 

This unique tone quality leads to a corresponding style of play. A free out breathing, rather than an active blowing, forms the foundation for the tone. The mouth and lip positions also contribute to the tone formation. The fingers gently touch the specially formed finger holes, which allows half-steps to be achieved naturally by half-covering the holes.

All Choroi flutes are treated exclusively with linseed oil. As regular oiling is vital to the flute, we recommend our flute oil. Do not use any other oils (with the exception of pure jojoba oil) as they might damage the flute.

Comes with a cotton flute bag, wooden cleaning swab and instructions.

Made of Maple wood in Europe.

Please Note:

We do not accept returns on any of our flutes, due to hygiene reasons.

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