Choroi Chime - Copper Diatonic Glockenspiel - 10 Tone-Chimes-Acorns & Twigs
This glockenspiel (chime) has ten removable, pure copper tone bars that form a slightly curved resonating wall which, through its shape and spatial arrangement, stimulates free and natural play.

The copper creates a light, warm, bell-like tone with a relatively short reverberation. This is of great benefit when playing melodies, because the often audible metallophonic interference (tonal friction between 2 intervals) is exceptionally low.

Available Pitches:

- A = 440 Hz

- A = 432 Hz

Made of Ashwood, matt finish.

13.8" x 8.27" x 8.87" (35 x 21 x 20 cm)

10 Copper Plates with 1 mallet.

Diatonic tuning:  c" - d'' - e'' - f'' - g" - a" - b" - c'' - d''' - e'''

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