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100% virgin South American Merino Wool Top.

Exquisite, fine wool quality.

This carded and combed virgin wool is perfect for wet and needle felting, spinning , giant knitting and making airy figurines like angels and fairies. 

This wool is great for working with children and is often preferred in schools.

Take a look at the rest of our carefully dyed 57 wonderful solid colors, fine 27 mic.

Or order our Sample Card to make choosing the right color easier.

Please Note:
Although most people would call this a roving, it is in fact called Top.
The difference is the process it has gone through and the purpose it serves.

A Top has been carded and then combed to make all the fibers smooth and parallel. Wool Top is perfect for worsted or semi worsted spinning.

A Roving on the other hand has been taken from a carded batt (a blanket of interlocked and naturally crimped fiber) and not combed, and then pulled through a small hole in order to make a long continuous cord. A Roving is best for woolen spinning.

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Great quality

The wool is great quality and the color is accurate with the brightness