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small half set "B" of our South American Merino Wool Top. This includes 29 colors.

You will get 5g (0.18 oz) of each stored in a handy 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled, fully recyclable and biodegradable cardboard box.

We also offer this same set with larger amounts here.

Colors included in this set are:

- Black
- Dark Brown
- Grey
- Pastel Green
- Moss Green
- Pine
- Grass Green
- Spring Green
- Neon Green
- Bright Yellow
- Lemon
- Sunny Yellow
- Bright Orange
- Rust
- Neon Pink
- Pastel Pink
- Skin Color
- Apricot
- Rosewood
- Burgundy
- Ruby Red
- Flame Red
- Teal Blue
- Turquoise
- Petrol
- Ultra Marine
- Pastel Purple
- Lilac
- Purple

100% virgin South American Merino Wool Top in exquisite, fine 27 mic wool quality.

This carded and combed virgin wool is perfect for:
- wet felting
- needle felting
- spinning
- giant knitting and
- making airy figurines like angels and fairies.

This wool is great for working with children and is often preferred in schools.

We recommend ordering our Sample Card to go with your set for easy color recognition and re-ordering.

Please Note:
Although most people would call this a roving, it is in fact called Top.
The difference is the process it has gone through and the purpose it serves.

A Top has been carded and then combed to make all the fibers smooth and parallel. Wool Top is perfect for worsted or semi worsted spinning.

A Roving on the other hand has been taken from a carded batt (a blanket of interlocked and naturally crimped fiber) and not combed, and then pulled through a small hole in order to make a long continuous cord. A Roving is best for woolen spinning.

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I was so excited to

I was so excited to get this order. The wool was professionally packaged and shows off the beautiful assortment of colors.

Thank you Hannah! It was a pleasure getting this order ready for you my friend!