280 KAPLA Case

280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs
280 KAPLA Case-Kapla-Acorns & Twigs

280 KAPLA Case

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280 KAPLA blocks in a sturdy wooden case and an art book.

Colorful KAPLAs are sold separately - a great combination!

KAPLA is an educational tool and is used as such by many schools. The game possess a high educational value. KAPLA contains both elements of architecture and creative arts and crafts. 

  • Logical Thinking – First of all KAPLA encourages children to think logically and helps them to develop their spatial awareness. Through the use of identical unfixed pieces, KAPLA develops the child’s capacity to organize elements in a three-dimensional way. With KAPLA, children acquire a basic knowledge of geometry, physics and technology. The game enhances their awareness of shape and volume and gives them a good sense of balance while improving manual dexterity.
  • Stimulating Creativity – Besides logical thinking KAPLA stimulates children to think in a different way and to create constructions from their own imagination. By using their creativity children will discover their artistic talent.
  • Concentration, Perseverance and Patience – KAPLA encourages perseverance, patience and concentration, which are key elements to success at school. Children are made to work in a concentrated way if they want to build a good, solid construction and achieve the desired result. One may have to start over again when the construction collapses at an early stage. You cannot cheat with KAPLA: If your construction does not have a solid base, it will inevitably collapse! This demands perseverance and patience.
  • Cognitive Development – During childhood a child goes through several phases of cognitive development. In each stage a child likes to play in a different manner and will develop different skills. Being a progressive game, KAPLA allows each child to play at his/her own level of difficulty. KAPLA grows with the child.
  • Teamwork – KAPLA is an ideal game to play in a group. It stimulates teamwork and cooperation. Children will have to communicate with each other to decide on the subject of their project and work together while building their constructions. Each child will automatically find his/her place within the group, as a leader, assistant or coordinator.

KAPLA is made out of 100 % untreated wood. The wood comes from the pine forests of Les Landes, a natural renewable forest situated in the south-west of France. KAPLA is a durable and high quality toy which will last for many years.

All of KAPLA's raw materials are carefully selected and tested by specialised independent laboratories. Furthermore, their products are subjected to high-quality controls and meet all national and international standards.

High-precision manufacturing ensures that each block is perfectly balanced and smooth. The blocks are all absolute exactly the same size which leads to stable construction and counter lever potential.

Check out some these easy building ideas:

A train...

A Maison...

A Spider...



 The individual KAPLA blocks are a unique size, in the ratio of 1:3:15, making them ideal for building many kids of structures. 


100% untreated pine 


Les Landes, France



What's included?

280 Natural Pine Blocks, in a wooden crate / box and an art book


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