15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, close up color demonstration
15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, close up color demonstration 15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, Stick with color shading example 15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, Several color options offered at www.acornsandtwigs.com 15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, Color Examples in a circle 15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, Circle color demonstration close up. 15 Black - Stockmar Wax Crayon Sticks, All 34 color options with in the STOCKMAR collection.

This is an individual STOCKMAR’s Black Beeswax Crayon Stick. Perfectly sized for little hands to grip while drawing tires on vehicles, black hair and lady bug dots and a snowman’s black top hat.


The black beeswax crayon is the most controversial color amongst Waldorf educators. Some teachers and parents avoid giving the black crayon to very young children, only handing it out when deliberately requested by the child. You can read my article about the different opinions toward the color black in Waldorf environments. Never the less, it is an essential color to have available when needed. 

It’s size makes it a great stocking stuffer, advent calendar item or easter basket addition. We offer all the STOCKMAR crayon sticks individually to replace any much loved crayons that either have been worn down, chewed up by the dog, lost or as an addition to a pre-packaged STOCKMAR Set you plan to purchase, or even yet - to create you own personalized set of colors and complete it with an empty container for storage

These strong and transparent beeswax crayons will provide you and your children years of pure drawing joy. They are such high quality that, if cared for well, can last an entire childhood. They are thick and sturdy and do not break or crumble like traditional crayons do. 



Length: 3.27” (83 mm) 

Diameter: 0.47 inch (12 mm)


The addition of 10% natural beeswax gives these crayons transparency, allowing colors to layer beautifully, and adds a pleasant beeswax scent.

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What’s in the package?

1 Single Black Beeswax Crayon with a paper wrapping


Ships same or next business day and charges are calculated by package weight. 


This is a single item and can not be customized. 

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is available fo this item. 

Download additional information:

Certification of Compliance PDF (116 kb)

Wax Crayons - Introduction and first steps PDF (726 kb)

Wax Crayons - Working materials and practical tips for use PDF (389 kb)



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