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Crochet Needles - Sold individually, to replace the one in your set you might have lost, or just to have the option of buying the exact needle for your next project.

Material: Bamboo
Size: 12 mm, US O/17
Length Approx.: 15 cm (5 7/8")

Other bamboo hook sizes available in our store:

3 mm - 10 mm (US 2.5 - US 15)

15-25 mm

Light weight, warm & smooth bamboo crochet hooks, an economically happy choice - bamboo is one of our earth's fastest sustainable resources.

Not carbonized. May have light discoloration due to natural growth of the bamboo grass, this does not effect the quality of the hook.

Wood crochet hooks make crocheting smooth and fast and keep your yarn static-free.

Unlike aluminum crocheting needles, which can warm up and cause you to get sweaty, moist hands, bamboo will absorb the natural oils in your skin. This keeps your crochet hooks hydrated and prevents them from splitting or cracking. Plus Plus, Right?!

Each hook has it's size engraved on it - so no more guessing because the written size has rubbed off after a couple hours of crocheting.

These bamboo hooks are warm to hold.

The smoothness of the needle helps your yarn glide gently from the hook, making crocheting even easier.

I won't lie to you, these crochet hooks are made in China, because, well friends, that IS where most bamboo comes from! ;)