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STOCKMAR beeswax crayons are chunky and durable. They provide strong and transparent colors suitable for several drawing and coloring techniques. All of our 32 colors harmoniously match each other and are clean and pleasant to handle.

Orange is included in all of STOCKMAR’s pre-packaged sets, with the exception of its more exotic supplementary sets. 

Your child will be asking for the orange crayon a lot in fall, when drawing the colorful autumn leafs or the friendly pumpkins on the front porch. Orange is also needed for a summer’s bowl of mandarines or even some spring flowers! 

We offer all of the crayon colors individually incase you want to create your own custom pallet, in which case you might also be interested in our empty cases and the scratcher that is included in a pre-packaged set.

STOCKMAR wax crayons meet the highest artistic standards and are loved by children and adults around the world. 


Length: 3.27” (83 mm)

Diameter: 0.47 inch (12 mm)


The addition of 10% natural beeswax gives these crayons transparency, allowing colors to layer beautifully, and adds a pleasant beeswax scent.

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What’s in the package?

1 Single Black Beeswax Crayon with a paper wrapping


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Wax Crayons - Introduction and first steps PDF (726 kb)

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