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Single Carmine Red (01) Crayon Block

We are offering the blocks individually so you can easily assemble your own set of your choice of colors and then refill your sets, if one gets lost, broke or used up - with out having to buy a whole new set. 

 Everyone has heard of Stockmar Wax Crayons and Blocks. It is no surprise. They meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands. Elegant design and pleasant fragrance, Stockmar Wax Crayons appeal to the child's senses. How the colors shine and how versatile they are! 

Whether drawing, painting generously applying, layering, scraping and melting colors, Stockmar Wax Crayons promise years of pure drawing pleasure. Outstanding drawing properties (no crumbling, sticking, smudging etc) non-toxic and sound concept for art education are what make Stockmar Wax Crayons top of the list. 

The Wax Blocks, which are made from the same materials and available in identical colors to the crayon sticks, have outstanding drawing properties and appeal to the senses. Their size and flat shape mean they sit well in the hand and are specially suited for small children. What is more, children can draw colorful areas easily, and arrive at interesting effects. For example by dragging the long edge of the block (we call it the papa side, the others being mama and baby sides in our home) in a wave-like fashion across the paper. From the very first "pencil", Stockmar's assortment of unbreakable Wax Blocks grows as you grow. And so too, the artistic possibilities.

Perfect Fit for a Childs Hand

  • Secure and stable in the hand
  • Perfect for two-dimensional drawing
  • With pure beeswax
  • Harmonious matched colors
  • Colors are strong and transparent
  • Suitable for many drawing and coloring techniques
  • Clean and pleasant to handle

Made in Germany.

Download additional information:

Certification of Compliance PDF (116 kb)

Wax Crayons - Introduction and first steps PDF (726 kb)

Wax Crayons - Working materials and practical tips for use PDF (389 kb)



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Customer Reviews

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Amy G.
Just what I was looking for!

Acorn and Twigs sells Stockmar coloring sticks and blocks singly, which let me buy just the colors that I wanted. Their website is easy to navigate, check-out was straightforward and shipping rates are reasonable. I'll definitely buy from them again.

Thank you so much Amy! It is our pride to sell most of our products individually so that we can provide the most amount of flexibility to our customers! Glad it served you as well! :)